Cách Viết Chữ In Đậm Trong Status Facebook

How lớn write bold text on Facebookwill make your status unique & fancy.Recently, there has also been a trend of young people trolling their friends by writing bold letters on FB in the comments, attracting many people’s attention.Shop owners also write bold letters on the Facebook page khổng lồ make advertising more attractive.You also know, by default, we cannot change the Facebook font.But we still have a way to vì chưng this.Check out the tutorial on how to write typography on Facebook.

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Posting cooler statuses, especially with life philosophy sentences.Retaining readers thanks to lớn important highlights, in Facebook groups are very effective.Messages that you send khổng lồ the group will be more noticeable because it is different from the rest of the members.

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Tool to lớn write bold text on FB

We will use the tool below of Lucid gene to write bold text on Facebook right in this article.So convenient that you don’t have khổng lồ go anywhere else.Would you mind saving this article for future use?

Notice: The bold italic writing tool has been refreshed và moved lớn the vị trí cao nhất of the article for your convenience. Thank you for accompanying Lucid Gen!

Instructions on how to write bold text on Facebook

Video tutorial for writing bold và italic on Facebook

How to write bold text on Facebook

Please enter the text you want to bold on FB, then click theCopybuttonand paste it into the toàn thân of your Facebook post.There are 2 bold fonts for you khổng lồ choose from khổng lồ personalize your article, making it easier for readers to see what you want them to lớn be interested in.

Lucid Gen’s bold text is with special characters, not format.So if you paste it into Facebook, it will still keep the same bold font.

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write bold text on Facebook by phone with Stylish Text app

After installing the application, please mở cửa it and follow the instructions of the application. Depending on Android & iPhone may be different.

Once inside, there will be a lot of FB-style letters.For some FB fonts, you have to lớn click the unlock button, then watch the promotional đoạn phim to be used.

Youtyped in the box above Tr, then clickthe mô tả buttonin your favorite word FB type.The sharing menu appears, then selectCopy.


Surely through this article, many of you will know how to write typography on Facebook lớn makethe ad titlemoreattractive.Posting on a personal page with a few life philosophy sentences written in bold or italic is also cool.If you find it interesting, please save this article in your browser next time you need to xuất hiện it right away.Don’t forget to cốt truyện with your dear colleagues.